Reductive massages: are they effective, the best creams

Massage is a form of manipulation of the superficial and deep layers of the muscles of the body using various techniques, to improve their functions, assist in healing processes, decrease reflex activity of the muscles, inhibit motor neuron excitability, promote relaxation and well-being and as a recreational activity.

It is probably the oldest therapeutic tool that humans have used to provide themselves with a natural resource against pain. Its evolution and use has been parallel to that of society, until it became the “structured touch” technique we know today.

There are various types of massage, from relaxation to emotional or sensual massage, as well as specifically therapeutic (massage therapy) in the health field and in sports, aimed at improving physical activity.

Benefits and adjectives

Mechanical: the mechanical forces related to each massage maneuver affect the tissues.
Physiological: relieves fatigue, is associated with the practice of gentle exercise, gymnastics and thermal baths.
Preventive: these are fulfilled when a tense or possibly injured area is located by palpation. When it is delimited, the subject is informed that he is receiving the massage and is treated. The therapist, once the massage is concluded, advises the treated person that the massage should be combined with moderate exercise, to improve general well-being, and also to ensure that the treatment lasts.
Therapeutic: when massage is used to improve circulatory function, to recover restricted mobility between damaged tissues, to relieve or reduce pain or to optimize sensory awareness. Therapeutic massage should only be performed by trained individuals.
Aesthetic-hygienic: when its purpose is to improve the external appearance of the person, eliminating fat deposits, restoring muscle tone and relaxing fatigue. It also has hygienic results since eliminating fatigue in a healthy person produces an aesthetic result.10
Sports: when it is done to prepare an athlete for competitive purposes before, during and after the practice of the sport.
Psychological-psychological/relaxation: the contact of the experienced hand provides security as well as comfort, while regulating and relieving psychophysical tension.

Types of therapeutic massage – classification and benefits


Massage is a combination of different physical stimuli (mainly through manual manipulation and, sometimes, with the help of other mechanical or electrical elements or devices), on the different parts of the body and that can pursue various purposes, whether therapeutic, aesthetic, relaxing, sports, sexual, preventive, etc..

It is applied to soft tissues: skin, muscle tissue and connective tissue.

There are many styles of massage, depending on the purpose.

Its benefits are multiple, such as providing relaxation and promoting sleep, activating circulation and eliminating toxins, improving muscle tone and flexibility, alleviating or eliminating specific ailments and, in general, improving the person’s well-being.

We have wanted to group to this specific category all the diverse and numerous types of massages, that are generally manual therapies, but you can consult other types of techniques or manuals in the category of Manual Therapies.

What is reductive massage?


It is a type of massage that is performed with strong pressure and a faster speed than usual.

The reductive massage seeks to help eliminate the accumulation of localized fat and at the same time, stylize the contour of the figure achieving a more aesthetic silhouette.

This treatment is ideal to get rid of unwanted localized fat.

In this massage, the areas with the greatest amount of body fat are worked on, causing heat with special movements that help dissolve the adipose tissue.

The movements and techniques of the reductive massage help by intensifying the circulation and local metabolism, to reabsorb the fats and increase the consumption of calories due to the increase of the motor activity.


The massage techniques used are:

The session lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

The sliding medium varies between:

A treatment of these with several sessions manages to achieve the toning and affirmation of the adipose tissue, giving consistency to the body and helping to eliminate cellulite.

For women, the areas where they work most are

In men, it is mainly performed in:

Advantages of reductive massage

Disadvantages of reductive massage

Those who decide to use this type of massage should have a medical check-up first, since reductive massage can aggravate an infection in the kidneys.

Do reductive massages work? We tell you some considerations


With the reductive massages in several sessions you can lower between 5 and 10 cm of volume and achieve the toning and affirmation of the adipose tissue, giving consistency to the body and helping to eliminate cellulite.

The reductive massage eliminates the accumulation of localized fat and stylizes the contour of the figure; in other words, it creates a more aesthetic silhouette. This is done with strong pressure and a faster speed than the traditional way.

The movements that are made cause heat, which helps dissolve the body fat that is desired to eliminate during the sessions. Precisely, this massage is performed in the areas with the greatest amount of body fat.

These massages are a bit complex when they are performed, since the beautician has to perform a series of massages to work the body fat and that this can be eliminated more easily.

They must be done with creams and oils that allow the hands to slide with enough pressure in the areas that are desired to work.

It is possible that during the session the patient feels pain, however, it is normal, mainly if it is the first time you perform one. In spite of the pain, at the end of the session no bruises should appear on the skin. If this happens, it is because the person who performed it did the movements in an inadequate manner, so it is very important to go with a professional who masters this technique.

Aesthetic treatments should only be applied to healthy and slightly overweight people, not to obese ones.

This treatment can be performed in men and women. It is contraindicated to perform in pregnant women or in patients with cancer or skin alterations. It is important to make a good evaluation to see the patient’s objective and if it is compatible with the treatment.

Some benefits of reductive massages

Among the benefits of having reductive massages are

It is very important to have clear that the reductive massage reduces measures not weight; for that reason, it is also necessary to go to a nutritional consultation to eat in a healthier way and to observe the integral effects of the sessions.

Reductive massage does not replace a healthy diet or physical exercise.

It is also very important that before getting a reductive massage you go to a diagnosis with our specialists.


One of the parts we pay most attention to is our belly. The belly contains a number of muscles and other tissues and structures that can make it look swollen or bulging, and we don’t like the way it looks. In this video we explain how to perform a belly-lowering massage to deflate and eliminate fat.

Why does the belly swell?

A swollen or bulging belly can be caused by 2 reasons:

In the abdomen we can get an accumulation of cells that store fat in its cytoplasm, cells that we call adipocytes. Adipocytes store fat in order to keep in place and protect our internal organs, isolate us from temperature and also the stored fat has an energy reserve function. When we eat food with a high fat content these cells proliferate, causing the abdomen to swell.

In essence, another of the structures that generate the swelling in the abdomen is the accumulation or retention of liquids and feces, constipation or inflammation.

How does massage help reduce the volume of the abdomen and belly?


Taking into account what we told you above about the structures that can generate belly swelling, we can reduce it through 2 mechanisms

But you need to keep in mind that only with this reducing massage you will not deflate the abdomen. The massage is a help, but it is necessary that you start a much cleaner diet, based on fruits and vegetables, low protein and low fat especially that will help both reduce your body fat and reduce inflammation of the belly.

Important considerations for the realization of the belly reducing massage

To perform a belly-lowering massage you have to take into account

Maneuvers for the realization of the belly-lowering massage
Remember to distribute well the cream or oil you are using on the abdomen (both anterior and lateral). Then you can perform the following maneuvers for the belly-lowering massage, starting from the inside to the outside:

It is good to finish the massage with a kneading again.

Try this massage together with the advice we give you and you will see the difference.


Most of the recommendations are oriented to the context of a massage room, however, those who from the comfort of their homes wish to practice massage on themselves (self-massage) or on someone close to them, will be able to identify the considerations that can be applied and that are adjusted to the resources that they can have.

About the adequacy of the place

The way we prepare the workplace is essential to create the mood that leads to mental relaxation and physical comfort, in short it contributes to everything going well (for all types of massage). A calm, clean, orderly, aromatized place with other characteristics of a comfortable environment, generates well-being and confidence.

Below we name more key characteristics of a comfortable environment:

About elements or products to be used


The elements that we can use can vary according to the type of massage that is made, being more used the lubricating agents. There are many special oils and creams that fulfill this lubricating function effectively, since they allow the hand to glide over the skin fluidly.

Without further ado, according to the type of massage, we must take into account the following considerations:

For the masseur

The masseur must take into account the following considerations:

For the patient

The patient should consider the following:

Tips for use reducing creams for your body

There are many ways to give your body a hand and lose those pounds you want.

Obviously food and exercise are important allies when it comes to seeking those goals, but we can also take other options to complement all that effort.

Which one?

The reducing creams or fat burning creams (whatever you want to call it), which help us accelerate the pace in the fitness goal we have.

This is an important tool, to reach the abdomen we want and for that we need a routine, which is added to diets and massages.

Of course, some people have many doubts regarding the reducing creams, about how effective they can be to achieve results.

This comes because in the market we can find many products, which are sold to us as miraculous, and in the end they end up being a great fraud.

Therefore, we should not be fooled by advertisements that offer great transformations in a short time, with abdomen or skin of a movie star, those are things that keep some people away from fat burning creams.

What is true, is that the reducing creams, appeared for all those who wanted to reduce the perimeter of the abdominal area and gradually were gaining much fame around the world.

Nowadays we have creams that are sold in the markets and other “handmade” that we can prepare in our house.

Slimming creams have substances that penetrate the skin, in the area you need to reduce, and have nutrients that impact positively on the body.

This product increases blood circulation, temperature and generates a lymphatic drainage, which can eliminate some of the fat we have accumulated, as well as reduce body volume.

Be careful, we must be very constant, we must apply it many times so that it can act, although without believing in miracles, that is.

One point to highlight is that the reducing creams also help with the skin that is affected by cellulite, as well as the accumulated fat, wherever it is in our body, as it can be in the abdomen, or in the muscles and buttocks.

More and more women are using these reducing creams, but believe it or not, there are many men who have also tried it.

One thing we must be clear about is that the creams can help us in those parts of the body where, despite exercise and diet, we keep off those pounds we want to take off, that can happen in the abdomen, hips, arms, or buttocks.

Application of the reducing cream

Be aware that in order to make the reducing cream an ally, we have to be clear about how we should apply it, because it is not just applying it and that’s it:

It has to be done through a soft massage with circular movements, so that the cream can penetrate the skin. After the cream is absorbed, we must continue massaging a little more.
It should be applied in small doses, both in the morning and at night, we should not exceed the amount, because it will not help us.

Some creams have their own instructions, which we must follow to get results.

It is recommended to apply the cream before exercising.
It should be applied to clean skin, so that the greatest amount of cream can be absorbed.

The 10 best reducing creams


When talking about the best creams, we must emphasize that we can find a large amount in the market, of different brands, and we can even prepare some at home.

The key is that the best ones must have some fundamental ingredients, such as caffeine, which helps to reduce accumulated adiposity, as well as centella asiatica or seaweed, which also provide nutrients.

They should also have two other components such as fucus, which helps microcirculation and L-cartinin, which metabolizes fat and helps in the color of the skin.

In the middle of this, some of the best creams are:

1- Green coffee extract cream
It is an herbal cream for the abdomen and waist, especially for men. It includes red bell pepper oil, beeswax, ginger, green coffee extract, among others. It is reducing and anti-cellulite.

2- MEKOO Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Cream
Another of the users’ favorite creams. This cream claims to help burn fat and cellulite lodged in different parts of the body. It also hydrates your skin while working to reduce fatty deposits.

It is one of the most sought after for its economy and price.

3- Artichoke Lipo
It is an ideal cream for athletes, because it removes fat from the abdomen. It is one of the best, if we are in that process of muscle definition.

It contains natural ingredients that help us detoxify our body. It is created with the best antioxidants that help regulate your body’s metabolic rate.

4- Body Creator Abdomen
It is a cream for men and women, very effective, which generates results in a short time. It is not one of the cheapest reducing creams but it is very effective.

5- Cellulli Laser Size Code
It is a reducing cream that removes cellulite in a very effective way, it also has a pleasant aroma.

6- Nip + Fab Body Slim
It helps to shape the figure of women, especially the hips and the abdomen area, for that it must be applied daily.

7- Balansilk Full body fat
This reducing cream improves blood and lymphatic circulation. In just two weeks we can reduce the fat found in our legs.

8- Slim green reduction treatment
It is achieved in just two weeks, the fat of the hips and belly. Made only from natural products.

9- Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control
It is a cream that helps with the control and reduction of cellulite.

10- Abdofit
It is a cream, which will allow us to say goodbye forever to the fat in the abdomen. It is formed by dark algae and matte grass.

These are some of the reducing creams that we can find in the street, but there are many more and be careful, we can also prepare them at home.

One of those creams, we can prepare them with:

Be careful, although reducing creams can be very effective, it can not be our only alternative to lose weight.

This is only one of the options we have, but the main thing is a balanced diet and exercise, because otherwise, it can not help us in anything, especially if we have many pounds.

In view of this, we leave you with a few final tips regarding weight loss creams.