Lyme disease know what it is and what its symptoms are

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by the bite of an infected lice. First, Lyme disease usually causes symptoms such as skin rash, fever, headache and fatigue. However, if not treated in time, the infection can spread to the joints, heart, and nervous system. Immediate treatment can help you recover quickly.

What Causes Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease in the United States, this is usually a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi. It is spread to humans through the bite of an infected tick, usually blacklegged ticks (or deer ticks). In general, they are in the:
• Northeast
• Mid Atlantic
• Upper Midwest
• Pacific Coast, especially in Northern California
These ticks can attach to any part of your body. But they are often found in hard-to-see areas, such as the groin, armpits, and scalp. Usually, the must be attached to you for 36 to 48 hours or more to spread the bacteria.

Who is at risk ?

Anyone can be bitten by a tick. But those who spend a lot of time outdoors in wooded and grassy areas are at higher risk. This includes those who enjoy camping, hiking, and people who work in gardens and parks. Most tick bites occur in the summer months, when they are most active and people spend the most time outdoors. But it can also be bitten in the warmer months of early fall or even late winter if temperatures are unusually high. Also, if a winter is especially mild, ticks can appear earlier than usual.

What are the symptoms ?

The first symptoms of Lyme disease begin 3 to 30 days after an infected tick bites you. Symptoms can include: